Who We Are – Why North Padre Island?

Mark – Born ’85, became a mobile app developer, worked for several Silicon Valley Corporations and numerous start-up clients. I'm currently running my own software firm.

Megan – Born ’88, a freelance writer and editor by profession, published several articles and books some of which have featured on The New York Times and The Washington Tribune.

Our Long and Turbulent Journey

Living in New York City, we lead busy lives and our weekly schedules are tight. In a bustling city in which there's a lot of noise and movement, we were looking for a quieter and calmer place. We were looking for a distraction-free environment where my husband and I can enjoy our private moments to the full. Hence, we were looking for somewhere to break the monotony of city life. We decided once-and-for-all that we needed to take a vacation; to get to a place where we can have an experience of a lifetime. That was way back in 2010.

After countless frantic searches on the Internet for places that meet our requirements, we didn't seem to get anywhere. And our discovery of North Padre Island was by chance. Actually, it was one of my colleagues who recommended the place after I shared with her what I was looking forward to during that summer holiday season. 

At first, the idea of moving to Texas sounded ridiculous. A distance of about 1800 miles separated us. And even more so, driving to that place – it was simply too far. And because we wanted to experience a thrill of a lifetime, we decided to bite the bullet and take the long drive. We estimated that the road trip would take us about one week. Little did we know that the long journey would change our lives forever – for the better, of course.

And for first-timers, we met many obstacles along the way. For example, finding that all the motels along the way have been booked up for the next couple of miles after a long day's drive. We had to sleep in the car, of course. In addition, we had to exchange driver's seat from time to time to avoid burnout.

After journeying through Charlottesville, Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans, we finally arrived in Austin on Day 7. A four-hour drive would eventually land us at North Padre Island.

Our Experience in North Padre Island

After a long and arduous journey, arriving at North Padre was like arriving in a blissful place after a treacherous and life-threatening journey. Indeed, it was an immense relief for us. No more worries about accommodation, and best of all, the sandy beaches were simply out-of-this-world – clean beaches and crystal-clear blue-green sea waters. Besides, accommodation isn't just affordable, you can easily access the beach and Schlitterbahn. 

Isn’t that awesome?

With a feel like we had been on Caribbean beaches, our two-week stay seemed too short. My husband and I felt like we should stay there forever. There's a lot of car parking space on the beaches. You can also do lots of things on sea shore – shop for seafood and groceries, walk, visit amusement parks – Funtabulous, Texas State Aquarium, Fast Eddie's, etc – surf, picnic, etc.

Ever Since Then...

Our lives have changed – we've scheduled our programs to visit the place every summer. Our experience in North Padre Island has changed our outlook on work-life balance – we regularly take a break from work to visit the beautiful beaches of the island.

In addition, we've been blessed with two children – son and daughter. Hence, we've had to make some adjustments – we're no longer a couple, but a family. Today, our trip involves a drive in a five-seater sedan car. It doesn't matter if you're single, couple, family, school trip, etc, there's something for everyone.

Now that you've learned from our personal experience, it's time you get out there and experience the thrill of a long journey and the enjoyment of Caribbean-like beaches of North Padre Island. You're more likely to meet us in summer.

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